If you’re asking what exactly is this blog about, well, yes, to a certain extent it’s about a kind of futurist aesthetic: Design, sound, living environments, etc. It’s not so much about ‘The Future’ as it used to be thought of, because we’re in it now – it has already arrived...probably about fifteen years ago.

Originally we wanted somewhere to put our favourite electronic rock tunes. That’s right, ‘Electronic Rock’, a genre that probably 99.9999% of the population does not even know exists, is a thing. Despite the words ‘electronic’ and ‘rock’ having previously been considered polar opposites. ( Which is weird, because obviously Heavy Metal is a form of electronic music, and if you go by what Brian Eno said, it’s also a form of ambient music, in that it fills the air around you ).

So, as well as our core genre of bleepy synth-rock, you'll find other sounds: Grime, Metal, ethnic music...anything that we come across on our global wanderings, that reflects Life in the Twenty-First Century.

Art will find ways to bridge gaps in language, ethnicity, and religion, that regular politics can’t ( or, more likely, won’t ) want to do.

Is Future-Rocker a political blog? No way. We just love cool music – if the artist actually has something interesting or worthwhile to say, then that’s just an added bonus.

-AXEL, 21 / 04 / 2017

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