Wednesday, 31 May 2017


Here at Future-Rocker, we love two kinds of movies: Lower-budget but higher-aiming science fiction films ( eg. Dredd, Battle Los Angeles, Skyline, Monsters ), and we especially love science fiction films set in places other than America ( eg. Chappie, Monsters: Dark Continent, Darkest Days ). Because, let's face it - America does not own the future. So we're intrigued by this trailer for a movie that originally surfaced as a proof-of-concept clip called Prisoners of War back in 2014, and has now been developed by Dutch Filmworks into a fully-fledged action movie starring Lee Pace ( Halt and Catch Fire ) and Berenice Marlohe ( Skyfall ). With shades of District 9 and Edge of Tomorrow ( albeit smaller in scope ), this will be released in July on TVOD and then on Blu-ray in December 2017.

Revolt ( Netherlands trailer ).

Original short, posted by cinematographer Chris Saul on Vimeo.

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