Thursday, 20 October 2016


NINE INCH NAILS classic debut album was released on this day, 25 years ago. 

At the time something of an indie sleeper hit, composer / musician Trent Reznor's album grew in momentum over a period of months and years, eventually achieving Gold status ( 500,000 copies in the US ) in 1992.
By that time, it's aggression, angst and introversion was perfectly synched with the grunge wave that took over 90's rock culture, simultaneously making industrial music palatable to the mainstream, with acts following in NIN's wake such as Stabbing Westward, Filter and Orgy.

Pretty Hate Machine was certified Triple Platinum in the US ( 3,000,000 copies sold ) in 2003. 

After being out of print for several years due to legal wrangles with original label TVT, Pretty Hate Machine was re-released in remastered form in 2010.


NIN PHM 2010:

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