Tuesday, 16 July 2013


- Hi Frank, good to catch up. We saw your work [ LED Freerunning ] in the first edition of FUTURE-ROCKER. Like its predecessor, 'Sleepless' is a relatively simple idea, stunningly executed. The backdrop of both videos reminds me of Tokyo's Roppongi district. Is that where it was shot, or did you use a variety of locations?

It wasn't Japan at all. Simply beautiful Bangkok, Thailand. We filmed in the centre of this vibrant city as well as in some districts in the suburbs.

- How big a crew do you need for a shoot of this sort?

We were a team of 5 people - director, Director of Photography, model and two LED runners.

- It looks very lush - not to mention, expensive - how was it financed?

We were asked by Universal [ the record company ] to do the job, and of course we got paid! ;). Due to my experiences with LED Freerunning, we knew the location, and the way we would shoot it to get the best out of the time that was given, in terms of budget.

- How long did the shoot take?

The shoot took 9 days plus additional 4 days of post-production.

- What are you working on next?

There will be some interesting sh*t coming up pretty soon!

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