Tuesday, 10 June 2014


I am an artist based in Birmingham UK, inspired by Futurism, Cubism and Constructivism, as well as Bauhaus, and the Dutch Avant-Garde. I'm a founding member of The Cobalt Blue art collective, where we make a point of seeking out great artists to join us on projects. We are not dictated to in any way, either by institutions, or the strictures of funding programs.

About the current series of paintings: I've been working on some canvases recently, that ideally need to be 'read' in sharp lighting, because of the level of accumulated detail ( in the relief patterns on the surface ). These allow you to see the 'history' of the piece - a bit like viewing a tract of land from an aeroplane.

Ultimately, you're seeing structures within structures, paintings inside paintings.

These close-ups work as finished pieces in themselves, and have inspired the next phase of my art.

Alexi K: HYPERION - Acrylic on canvas, 2012

Alexi K: QUARTERLY PROJECTION - Acrylic on canvas, 2014

Alexi K: SUPERHIGHWAY - Acrylic on canvas, 2014

Below: The finished version? Maybe.

All artwork, copyright Alexi K, 2012 & 2014

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