Monday, 25 April 2016


Relax, these amazing short clips ( see below ) were made several years ago by Blur Studios for DC/Warners, but have now recently become part of cinematic history because they put Tim Miller in the director's chair for this year's Deadpool movie. 

Below: The Flash, by Blur Studios. Dir: Tim Miller

Executives working with X-Men: First Class director Matthew Vaughn had seen these clips, and wisely decided Miller should direct his own movie. Having no track record with mega-budget films, he was handed the Deadpool gig by Fox because of the film's smaller budget, and therefore scaled-down expectations. 

Deadpool was cinematic lightning-in-a-bottle: With loyal fan support, a sustained and rather genius marketing campaign, plus a sympathetic release date ( there had been no superhero movies for six months prior to its opening ), it was in the right place at the right time. Add to that, the surge of goodwill towards actor Ryan Reynolds' efforts in getting his pet project made, and it was almost inevitable that Deadpool went on the become a mega-hit, and the biggest-grossing X-Men related movie to date.

So let's kick back and enjoy these clips...and ponder how the DC Cinematic Universe will shape up. Particularly notable is Wonder Woman ( in the first clip ). We are effectively given a tantalising glimpse of what her own movie may look like, now that the dust has settled on her electrifying debut in the recent Zack Snyder-directed Batman vs Superman.


Below: DC Universe Online, 2011

Below: Arkham Origins, 2013

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