Wednesday, 16 October 2013


"Aydin" directed by Pleix, music by Discodeine (Pschent Music) 2013

PLEIX is an award-winning group of seven graphic designers, animators and musicians, who are well known for their idiosyncratic adverts and promo videos. Their work has appeared everywhere from the contemporary art galleries of Europe to prime-time television advertising.

Their promo video for Discodeine's 'Aydin', is a provocatively druggy piece that caught the eye of FUTURE-ROCKER a few months back. The colour palate is so 'us', we had to make it this edition's intro video. Naturally, we always want to know more, so we managed to catch one of Pleix's members, on the hotline from Paris. 

Leti explains the ideas behind it:

It's a colourful and macabre scene that takes place in a villa. A girl tries to remember what happened. Hallucinatory reality or real hallucinations? The two worlds blend in this strange clip. 

The film is made of synthetic images where chrome objects contrast with multicoloured 2D solids.

From a technical aspect, the entire video is made of CGI. Motion capture was used for all the animation, and rendered as coloured solids. This technique is used in 3D post-production to easily separate objects from one another (one colour per object). We liked the effect and used it for the overall appearance. Post-processing was used to add texture to the film. 

All the best from Paris!

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