Wednesday, 16 October 2013


Okay, so now you're wondering who exactly Jesse V. Johnson's Wonder Woman is... 

FUTURE-ROCKER introduces N.I.N.A.
Photo: Robert Sebree

Nina, you appear to have acted in loads of things, but it's difficult to pin down your biography on the internet. You seem to be an international woman of mystery. What's your background?

Haha, I know, I'm kinda confusing.

I was born in Denmark, Copenhagen - My Father is Russian - I moved to New York alone when I was 17, and moved to LA for good a few years ago!

At FUTURE-ROCKER, we love female vocalists, so it was great to discover that you are a new signing at Warner Brothers. What vocalists most inspired you?

Nine Inch Nails: Trent Reznor, he says what I only dare to think, he's so brave and brutally honest. He's my biggest inspiration.
U2's Bono: His vocals rips my heart out. I LOVE the sound of his throat - he's an inspiration as an artist and human being.
VAST ( Seattle industrial combo ): His lyrics mixed with beauty and aggression I love him.

Massive Attack ( Bristol UK trip-hop combo ): Sonically there's nothing better....

Lisa Gerrard ( Dead Can Dance vocalist and Ridley Scott's soundtrack muse ): She's from another world - her voice makes me cry...

Chester ( Linkin Park ) I LOVE the aggression, makes me feel so good...

Some great picks there. Okay, one last thing. Judging by all your promo pictures, you seem to have a rather pro-choice attitude to hair colour. ( We like our rockers dark and gothic, so we picked only NINA's black-haired photos ). What are you, a blonde or brunette?

I had to go blonde again... my agent threatened to drop me if I didn't... I work more as a blonde in this town!!


''I work more as a blonde in this town!!''

Photo: Robert Sebree

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