Wednesday, 14 December 2016


Hugely prolific Detroit-based electronic musician Klayton ( also known as Celldweller ) has released a new video for his resurrected 90s industrial project CIRCLE OF DUST.

CoD was originally put on ice due to complicated legal disputes with a former label, in response to which, Klayton went on to form CELLDWELLER and grow his thriving label FIXTMUSIC to produce and market his own music ( as well as that of other acts such as Blue Stahli, The Qemists and The Algorithm ).

Recalling surrealist pioneer Louis Bunuel's Un Chien Andalou, and Shinya Tsukamoto's horrifying 90s cyberpunk body-horror movie TETSUO, the video perfectly captures the aesthetics of 90s industrial music, as performed by bands like Die Krupps, KMFDM, and Schnitt Acht.

Circle of Dust has remastered and re-released it's entire back catalogue, culminating in a brand-new 2016 album, Machines of Our Disgrace. This track is taken from that album.* 

*There will be a comprehensive overview of FIXT's recent output on this blog soon.

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