Tuesday, 14 May 2013


''I think my best teacher was the internet and my observations.''

10 min.
Visuals: Candas Sisman -
Sound design: Mert Kizilay -
Choreography: Yigit Daldikler
Concept: Neylan Ogutveren
Performance: Yigit Daldikler

'Avatar', a 2009 film by Candas Sisman, is from a dance performance based around the idea of a person's on-screen alter-ego. It questions how much of ourselves we upload, and the subsequent 'disconnection' from real life.

- It's a mesmerising film, Candas. Who and what inspires you?

- I had a lot of influences in that period, my main influence was everything :)...If I can be more specific: Music, technology, science, nature, culture, psychology and the internet. Artists and festivals were also my influence, such as  Olafur Eliasson, Carsten Nikolai, Ryoichi Kurokawa, Mauricio Kagel, Anti VJ, Pe Lang, Tokujin Yoshioka, Tristan Perich, UVA, Antoni Tapies, Thomas McIntosh, Ars Electronica, Elektra, Transmediale. 

- How did you put the film together - the film is a blend of computer graphics and organic shapes. Did you design the computer graphics, too?

- Yes, I designed a lot of different graphics with different techniques and combined them together. I love combining contrasting things, because everything has its own value.

On the technical side, I created the digital animations in After Effects and Cinema 4D, and  some video shots. Then I mixed and composited them together in After Effects.

- Where did you learn to make these beautiful visuals? College? University? Life?

- I graduated from fine art school ten years ago, but there was no teacher that helped me  or that saw my point of view. In Turkey, art education is more conservative. I think my best teacher was the internet and my observations.

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