Wednesday, 22 March 2017


Few musicians get to navigate the fickle music industry as successfully as Tim Skold. Here we present the promo video from his latest solo release. After that, Future-Rocker will guide you through some of the many high-points of his career...


1 ) Skold's band Kingpin emulate the Glam Metal sound and look of the era, and move from Sweden to LA to capitalise on the scene. There they sign with guitar-shredding label Relativity, and re-release their debut album under their new name, Shotgun Messiah, in 1989.


2 ) Skold takes over on lead vocals, as Shotgun consolidate with their follow-up album, Second Coming, in 1991.

3 ) The times are a-changing: By 1993, MTV and the rest of the media has changed its focus and so grunge is in, Hair Metal is out...but what is also getting big is Industrial music, which by now has begun to adopt a more 'metal' guitar sound. Converging with that, Shotgun close their career with 'Violent New Breed', an explosive blast of intense industrial rock that was ahead of its time.

4 ) Amidst many side projects, solo releases and collaborations, Skold's next big hook-up is with notable German industrial band, KMFDM ( re-booted for a short time as MDFMK ). Skold works alongside bandleader Sascha Konietzko in various iterations from 1997 to 2009. Here he is writing, playing and contributing lead vocals.

5 ) Skold's first stint with Marilyn Manson is as producer on the single Tainted Love. He then joins Manson's band after the departure of Twiggy Ramirez, contributing writing, guitars and production. Skold is with Manson from 2001 to 2007.

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